There are no inaccessible areas in the world for you!

There are no inaccessible areas in the world for you!

In this article, I try to teach how to get access to forbidden areas,
It is important that you understand forbidden is not equal to inaccessible. And you need to have faith in this sentence “There are no inaccessible areas in the world for you” If there was a real one, it would be a cube of Metal without any doors or any gates, no light or air can go inside or outside, which would be a useless space inside, and there is no news for you inside that place, I still didn’t see anything like that, and I never saw a surrounded area without any doors either! It is good there are always doors,

As the oxford dictionary explains: A door is a piece of wood, glass, etc. that is opened and closed so that people can get in and out of a room, building, car, etc.
so if there are doors or gates it means you can go inside and then come outside.

But ! some of these doors have a guardian or let’s say they are locked, I don’t have a key which can open all the doors for you, instead of that key, I will give you my technique that will help you to create your own keys, for each specific door that is locked.

this technique has worked for me in past years and, with it, I have been able to pass through many doors and get access to forbidden areas in Syria Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan,

forbidden for who and why?

when there are crises and trouble happens somewhere in the world, there will be forbidden areas to keep important information protected from the people, in another words they will make it to protect this area from the entrance of journalists! You guys! it means, for you as a journalist, this forbidden area is a gold mine, before starting digging the gold mine, you must be aware of the risk and challenge you will face, you must accept that if they arrest you there will be problems for you, I suggest you think about the worst possibility and be prepared for that,

it is important to accept the Consequence before entering this game, once you have entered there is no time for regrets and there is no way back . I insist you must think about the risk and reward for yourself and decide whether you still want to do it or not,

one of my hardest experiences was Syria, I knew the worst possibility was death, I knew I could lose one part of my body, I knew ISIS could cut my head! and the rewards were like jokes, nobody can put a price on life! but I accepted all because I was not looking for rewards, usually, I don’t look for the reward, and I just want to enjoy my life while searching,

it really goes back to the way you think and the way you believe in life and we don’t have time to talk about it now 

after the decision has been made
you have made your decision, where should you start? You need to answer a few questions: who are the people or the power that are the guardians of this door, of this area, it’s by answering this question that you will start to make your key to the place. 

is it the police? is it the army? is it the intelligence services? is it A mixed layer? is it the locals?
usually, you can get this information from your home; by having a good search on the internet you can read a thousand people tried to go there but some power didn’t let them in,
this answer will help you to build the structure of your key, and all the next moves shall follow this answer.  After you understand who are the guardians, you must go to THE COMMANDING CENTER of that power, I know it sounds crazy it looks like going into A wasp nest but you must do it.
you go into the wasp nest, pretending that you are a big fan and friend of them and you agree with whatever they are doing, and you tell them that you want to show their sacrifice and how incredible they are, most likely, each time they will tell you no! but you must insist to see the boss and boss of the boss and finally the great boss and he/she will never give you an appointment! And they never let you in, but still, you have won the game because you have all the necessary information you need for your key,

now you have the titles of everybody in the COMMANDING CENTER, you know the rooms and address you know how they work and who are the people and this information for Entering are the most you need! With the title of the boss, you can pass the checkpoint and pretend that you are working in COMMANDING CENTER  and you know everybody in that building, this information can help you pass checkpoints easily and it’s time to go to the closest village or city!

When you get to the nearest place to the forbidden area, you wake up on a sunny day, (I prefer a sunny day, ) but if it is raining it’s still ok don’t panic, you go into the village or city you find a crowded café/bar, order a coffee with cake and start to listen to the people, I can tell you from now everybody will be talking about the crises and about how and why they locked down that area, and although it’s just rumor, you gather information, for lunch and dinner you do the same you walk all around the city, you must search for all the rumors about how to enter that area and who are the exceptions that can have access?

when they make Quarantine or forbidden area it is for everyone except! you shall find out who are the exceptions, firefighters, doctors, workers, TAXI, or BUS drivers …. You shall choose one of those exceptions and PRETEND YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE.

during lockdown for coronavirus  I rented a car from an UBER driver for one week  I went to the city and saw what was happening because everybody had to use masks nobody had any doubts about changing drivers, and I easily could pass the checkpoint and walk in the city by renting a car, while the rest of journalists were nagging about why aren’t WE in an exceptional group!

you can get this information earlier  in a cafe/bar or in the commander building and trust me that there are always exceptions, when you find them, you are ready to pass  the  doors, gates, or checkpoints by covering yourself as an exception,

last step appearance  

what to wear is important, depends on where you are going and what character you want to be, to enter, your clothes and your bag are important, appearance is what can save you in many situations so please take it seriously, it’s no joke, you can’t go inside A war zone with CHE T-shirts and long hair, maybe with Along beard, but not long hair,

what is right depends on time and circumstances, in Syria I wanted to make it hard for the front guy to understand what group I am belong to, I used black from head to toes but why?, I knew Hezbollah Lebanon force ISIS and THE special force of Revolutionary guards and some of the Syrian wear black so I chose black without any marks to make it hard for them to understand who I am.

taking advantage of the chaos, when it is chaos nobody has enough Patience accuracy and it makes entrance easy, you need to make A badge, by Photoshop and then classify it and use clothes like THOSE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE exception group to pass the gates and you are in now, congratulations.

 I know there are always back doors but I prefer the front door. I make documentaries and I need to feel free to do that, and I need time. so entering through back doors doesn’t suit me If you are A writer, IT MAY BE good for you if you don’t need any pictures it may be good for you but if you want to film everything and go deep, usually THE backdoor isn’t good Idea. I prefer  THE front door because once you have entered through the front door,  nobody will stop you, and there will be  no limitations, but if you go inside secretly I must admit it is  super hard to stay hidden and you will have less time,


It’s good to know
At the checkpoint I suggest you start asking questions before soldiers start asking, questions like: have you seen Mr. Boss pass or not? no! He is coming too .be careful and ready. using the name of the boss and chitchat about them in checkpoint gives the Appearance of someone who knows everything and is in touch with the bosses and helps you to pass them easily. the people or humans who are in the gates are usually are from low levels in the guardian, they are ordinary and low level of militaries or policeman’s level so it should be easy to ditch them by in few words, 

it’s good to know
you shall find out about the military and levels too! believe me, it’s important to understand what is the level of the guy who is in front of you. you can change your ton to order or more polite

it’s good to know
At this point, you must also find a useful local friend who can prepare the things you need for the next step and can join you to enter the forbidden area. it’s kind of hard but trust your heart. Here in Europe, you call them fixer but I insist: don’t find A fixer find a friend to help you, I don’t suggest spending more than four days doing so, because in crises situations are not stable and you need to act and find the right guys as fast as possible 

it is important to use second-hand clothes, to have safety vests in two colors in your bag is always a good Idea one yellow one orange you just check what THE others use and then take it out of your bag and that’s it,

Mahan Khomamipour presenting in #NPDJ

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