”Asie”by Maurice Ravel (Shéhérazade) Music Video

Log Line
An audio-visual interpretation of Maurice Ravel's song, "Asie" from the French song cycle Shéhérazade (1904).


A girl's fantastical journey across Asia leads her to explore the cultures and norms of Asian countries, from Persia to India, to China. The work was inspired by ideas of exoticism and orientalism which pervaded the Western continent, and Ravel's artistic world, in the 1900s. Our interpretation explores the play between the fantasy and reality of how Asian culture is understood and perceived in two dimensions: East vs West and historical vs modern.

Director Statement

Created through the collective efforts of Asian artists across two distinct parts of Asia, South East Asia (Singapore) and the Middle East (Iran), we hope to offer a distinctively (and diversely) Asian perspective of the western classical work and bring to question common generalizations of the Asian culture.

Artistic & Technical crew

Video Director: Mahan Khomamipor/Paliz
Artistic Director and Mezzo soprano: Jade tan Shi yu
Editor: Morteza Haraieeni/Mahan Khomamipour
Animation Designers : Hamoon Khomamipour / Majid Jalili
Animators: Sharmin Mojtahedzadeh / Roxana Mohammadi
Music Director: Sulwyn Lok
Pianist: Abigail Sin
Sound production: Poco productions
Assistant producer/Director of photography: Niloufar Rashid Zadeh
supply support: Zakaria Zargani
Supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore