We killed the whale too!

Log Line
We killed the whale too! is the last video that I directed for” Black Hand”.


Black Hand is the pseudonym of an Iranian graffiti artist. Supporters have called him or her "Iran's Banksy". He or she remains anonymous because their graffiti is illegal. Black Hand is known for using Stencil art to comment on sexism in Iranian society, and political events in the Middle East, and also the environment.

Director Statement

Whales are inaccessible creatures with a long average lifespan, but this giant aquatic creature has not survived from the human being too. The landing of two whales last year with a short time interval on Kish Island in Iran and similar specimens in different parts of the world confirms this. Black-hand, a street artist, has turned to the subject of the environment in his latest work. In this project, I (Mahan Khamamipour) and Moody Mousavi have also joined him to make films and music for this project. "We killed the whale too" has two other companions. The boys symbolize the generation whose natural right we are destroying on the planet. The rate of destruction of nature has reached such a level that perhaps the next generations will not have a chance to compensate if they get a level of consciousness.

Artistic & Technical crew

Artistic Director and Painter: Black Hand
Written and Directed by: Mahan Khomamipour
Edited By Mahan khomamipour
Color Correction: Paliz
Director Of Photography : Mahan khomamipor/Hamoon khomamipour
Sound Designer and Music: Moody Mousavi
Still photographer: Arian MOMMAS

Award & Nomination